Kim Hermes






Principle Roles: (C) Commercial (I) Industrial  (W) Web/Social Media  (S) Speaking (NS) Non Speaking

KS95 Radio Station: Friend (S) (W)

Virtuoso Travel Agency - Travel Agent (S) (I)

Barnett Auto: Driver (S) (C)

Green Screen Studios: Chief Operating Officer (S) (W) (Teleprompter)

University of MN NCEO: Spokesperson (Teleprompter) (I)

Fitvine Wine Date Night (NS) (C) (W)

Hiway Federal Credit Union: Coffee Shop Owner and Mother (NS) (C) 

Best Buy: Blue Shirt (NS) (I) (W)

Running Aces Casino: Guest (NS) (W)

Fond du Luth Casino: Black Jack Player (NS)( C)

Pebbles Cereal: Mom (NS) (W)

MN Dept of Health EWIC : Mother (NS) (I)

Wagner Spray Tech Multiple roles (NS) (I) 

Can Can Wonderland: Guest (NS) (W)

American Heart Association MN: Office Worker (NS) (I)

Schuler Shoes: Friend (NS) (W) (C) 

PowerSchool: Chief Financial Officer (NS) (W) (I)

Warner Stellian:  Sales (NS) ( C )

LCI Landscape: Homeowner (NS) (W)

Regis Corp: Sexy Hair: Hair Model (NS) (I)

Century 21 Real Estate: Homeowner (NS) (I)

Abbott Labs: Doctor (NS) (I)

Coloplast Nurse (NS) (I)

Kivara Health Nurse (NS) (I) 

Public Storage: Millennial Homeowner (Back Up Principle)

Featured Roles/ B-roll:

Salvation Army: Shopper (S) (W) 

Strive Wrap Compressions: Yogi (NS) (I) (W)

YouBetcha Production: Director (NS) (W)

Deans Health Plan: Wife, Doctor (NS) (C ) 

Flannel Jax: Patron (NS) (W)

Be the Match: Girlfriend (NS) (I)

Be the Match: Doctor (NS) (I) 

Emerson Electric: Business Professional (NS) (I)

MidAmerican Energy: Runner (NS) (C)

Medtronic: Medical Researcher (NS) (I) (W)

Miroir Portable Projector: Homeowner (NS) (I)

Floyd and May: Lifestyle (NS) (W)

Best Buy: Guest (NS) (I) 

Fairview: Doctor (NS) (I)

Optum: Doctor (NS) 

Randy's Electric: Homeowner (NS) (I) 

Prof Music Video: Doctor (NS) 

*Conflicts of interest available upon request

*Featured Extra Roles available upon request 

Film Crew Work 

Cryote Music Video: Production Assistant for Current Resident Productions


Regis Salons - Designline Products

United Health Care Hearing Aids 

Lyft Bikes and Scooters

JB Hudson Jewelers 

76 Gas Stations/Portland Timbers Sweepstakes

3M SmartPhone Fingerprint Screen  B2B Product Launch

Boston Scientific Avvigo Launch 

Great Clips Hair Volumizing Products 


Medtronic Parkinson's Rechargeable Device 

Anagram Balloons

Juut Salon Summer Campaign

Juut Salon Winter Campaign  

Market Sandwiches 

Marvin Windows Skycove 

Storm Creek Apparel x 2

Zusa (Merchology's  Private Label Launch) 

Elisabeth Ansley Book Cover Photography 

Mark Basal Photography Workshop 

Handy Paint Pail 

Mainstream Boutique 

Mall of America 


3M (Road Safety) 


Tessa Louise x 2


James J Hill House 

Soul Flower Clothing 

Valise Boutique 


Express Image, LLC 

Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design 

Austin Fowler Bags  x 2 

George Peters Design & Illustration x 2 

Style Trolley 

Utepils Brewery  

Foat Design 

Test Shoots and Creative Collaborations

David Sherman/Abigail Gellrich/Olivia Spitz

Joe Dammel 

Alexander Just  

Alex Butterfield/Abigail Gellrich 

Ken Friberg/HiHi Creative/Tanner J  

Blake Fisher/Tanner J 

Katie Kopan/Kristin Abigil/LadyVamp Artistry/Hannah Knutson 



Film/Web Series

Ostensibly (Short Film): Investigator. Supporting.  Dir. Nick Hansen 2018
Urine My Space (Short Film): Girlfriend Supporting. Dir. Max Kilsdonk 2019

The Van Deusens (Web Series -1 episode) Counselor Supporting. Dir. Toussaint Morrison 2019

Blinky (Short Film): Friend. Supporting Ensemble.  Dir. Jason Schumacher. 2021 

She Hurt My Feelings (Short Film): Bit Part; Yogi Supporting Ensemble.  Dir. Bette Bentley 2019

How to Make a Birthday Cake (Short Film): Mouse Supporting Ensemble. Dir. Jason Shumacher 2019

Shadowboxing (Short Film): Bit Part. Doctor Dir. Sean Skinner 2019
Snooze (Short Film): HR mean Co-worker Bit Part.  Dir. David Mair  2019
Utopia Planitia (Webseries Episode #1): Waitress Bit Part.  Dir. George Reese 2019
Good Samaritans (Pilot): Hip=Hop Angel Featured. Dir. Chris Cummings 2018

Print/Website/Social Media

  • LJ Johnson (Lynn Blumenthal Casting) On Camera Commercial Auditioning (12 hrs)

  • Rich Remedios Intro to Meisner I (56 hrs) 

  • Bill Cooper's Film Acting Study (12 hrs)

  • Michelle Hutchison Weekend Intensive On Camera (11 hrs)

  • John Haynes Commercial Improv for On Camera, Spokesperson (5 hrs)

  • Andrew Hunt's Acting on Camera for the Film Actor (10 hrs) 

  • Charles Hubbell Teleprompter (2 hrs)

  • Brave New Workshop Intro to Improv (5hrs)

  • Guthrie Theatre Intro to Voice (10hrs)

  • Bab's Casting Intro to On Camera (2 hrs) 


 St. Olaf College Bachelor of Arts


About Kim Hermes

Hello!  I was born and bred in Minnesota but I'm 1st generation Vietnamese.  I started Modeling/Acting on a whim in July 2017 and it has been a great passion ever since!  I am with agencies in Minnesota and Iowa.  People choose me because of my genuine nature, big smile, versatility, sense of humor and strong work ethic.  I love building positive relationships and this often leads to other projects with the same production company, photographer, or client.  Outside of Acting/Modeling, I am a part-time Registered Nurse on a postpartum (Mom/Baby) unit at a hospital. I also have a wonderful husband, 6 yr old son, and cat.  I love to travel, go to music concerts, attend fitness classes at my yoga studio, and write!  Random fact:: I worked as a Spongebob Mascot for an entire week during the Superbowl festivities held here. 


Measurements: 5'4 32-25-33.  Size 0-2, XS Shoe 6

Minneapolis, MN, USA

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