Kim Hermes






Principle Roles: (C) Commercial (I) Industrial  (W) Web/Social Media  (S) Speaking (NS) Non Speaking

KS95 Radio Station: Friend (S) (W)

Virtuoso Travel Agency - Travel Agent (S) (I)

Barnett Auto: Driver (S) (C)

Green Screen Studios: Chief Operating Officer (S) (W) (Teleprompter)

University of MN NCEO: Spokesperson (Teleprompter) (I)

US Eagle Federal Credit Union (NS) (C)

Fitvine Wine Wife (NS) (C) (W)

Hiway Federal Credit Union: Coffee Shop Owner and Mother (NS) (C) 

Allina Health (NS) (C) (W)

BluDot Furniture (NS) (I) (W) 

Best Buy: Blue Shirt (NS) (W)

Running Aces Casino: Guest (NS) (W)

Fond du Luth Casino: Black Jack Player (NS)( C)

Pebbles Cereal: Mom (NS) (W)

Can Can Wonderland: Guest (NS) (W)

Regis Corp: Sexy Hair: Hair Model (NS) (I)

Regis Designline Hair Model (NS) (W)  

American Heart Association MN: Office Worker (NS) (I)

PowerSchool: Chief Financial Officer (NS) (W) (I)

Featured Roles/ B-roll:

Century 21 Real Estate: Homeowner (NS) (I)

Coloplast Nurse (NS) (I)

Kivara Health Nurse (NS) (I)

Schuler Shoes: Friend (NS) (W) (C) 

Salvation Army: Shopper (S) (W) 

Radisson Hotels of Americas: Guest (NS) (C) (W) 

Warner Stellian:  Sales (NS) ( C )

Abbott Labs: Doctor (NS) (I)

MN Dept of Health EWIC : Mother (NS) (I)

Ionopure ShopHQ Homeowner (NS) (C) 

LCI Landscape: Homeowner (NS) (W)

Strive Wrap Compressions: Yogi (NS) (I) (W)

Wagner Spray Tech Multiple roles (NS) (I) (b-roll) 

YouBetcha Production: Director (NS) (W)

Deans Health Plan: Wife, Doctor (NS) (C ) 

Flannel Jax: Patron (NS) (W)

Be the Match: Girlfriend/ Doctor (NS) (I) 

Emerson Electric: Business Professional (NS) (I)

MidAmerican Energy: Runner (NS) (C)

Medtronic: Medical Researcher (NS) (I) (W)

Miroir Portable Projector: Homeowner (NS) (I)

Floyd and May: Lifestyle (NS) (W)

Best Buy: Guest (NS) (I) 

Fairview: Doctor (NS) (I)

Optum: Care Navigator/Doctor (NS) 

Randy's Electric: Homeowner (NS) (I) 

RichCBD Chocolate Hiker (NS) (W)

ShopHQ Ionopure Homeowner (C)

Music Video:

Featured  Roles

Prof Music Video: Doctor (NS) 

*Conflicts of interest available upon request

*Featured Extra Roles available upon request 

Film Crew Work 

Cryote Music Video: Production Assistant for Current Resident Productions


Regis Salons - Designline Products
United Health Care Hearing Aids 
Lyft MN Nice Ride Bikes and Scooters
JB Hudson Jewelers 
76 Gas Stations/Portland Timbers Sweepstakes
3M Smart Phone Fingerprint Screen  B2B Product Launch
Boston Scientific x 3 
Great Clips Hair Volumizing Products 
Regis Designline 

Medtronic Parkinson's Rechargeable Device 
Anagram Balloons
Juut Salon Summer Campaign
Juut Salon Winter Campaign  
Market Sandwiches 
Storm Creek Apparel x 2

Zusa (Merchology's  Private Label Launch) 
Elisabeth Ansley Book Cover Photography 
Mark Basal Photography Workshop 
Handy Paint Pail 
Mainstream Boutique 
Mall of America 
3M (Road Safety) 
Ecolab Cleaning Solutions 
Tessa Louise x 2
James J Hill House 
Soul Flower Clothing 
Valise Boutique 
Express Image, LLC 
Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design 
Austin Fowler Bags  x 2 
George Peters Design & Illustration x 2 
Style Trolley 
Utepils Brewery  
Foat Design 

Test Shoots and Creative Collaborations
David Sherman/Abigail Gellrich/Olivia Spitz
Joe Dammel 
Joe Lemke 
Mariah Mac Photography/Mariah Mac Designs/Kevin Kohler 

Alexander Just  
Alex Butterfield/Abigail Gellrich 
Ken Friberg/HiHi Creative/Tanner J  
Blake Fisher/Tanner J 
Katie Kopan/Kristin Abigil/LadyVamp Artistry/Hannah Knutson 



Film Roles: 
(Short Film): Investigator. Supporting.  Dir. Nick Hansen 2018

Urine My Space (Short Film): Girlfriend Supporting. Dir. Max Kilsdonk 2019
The Van Deusens (Web Series -1 episode) Counselor Supporting. Dir. Toussaint Morrison 2019
Blinky (Short Film): Friend. Supporting Ensemble.  Dir. Jason Schumacher. 2021 
She Hurt My Feelings (Short Film): Bit Part; Yogi Supporting Ensemble.  Dir. Bette Bentley 2019
How to Make a Birthday Cake (Short Film): Mouse Supporting Ensemble. Dir. Jason Shumacher 2019
Snooze (Short Film): HR mean Co-worker Bit Part.  Dir. David Mair  2019
Utopia Planitia (Webseries Episode #1): Waitress Bit Part.  Dir. George Reese 2019
Good Samaritans (Pilot): Hip=Hop Angel Featured. Dir. Chris Cummings 2018

Print/Website/Social Media

  • LJ Johnson (Lynn Blumenthal Casting) On Camera Commercial Auditioning (12 hrs)

  • Rich Remedios Intro to Meisner I (56 hrs) 

  • Bill Cooper's Film Acting Study (12 hrs)

  • Michelle Hutchison Weekend Intensive On Camera (11 hrs)

  • John Haynes Commercial Improv for On Camera, Spokesperson (5 hrs)

  • Andrew Hunt's Acting on Camera for the Film Actor (10 hrs) 

  • Charles Hubbell Teleprompter (2 hrs)

  • Brave New Workshop Intro to Improv (5hrs)

  • Guthrie Theatre Intro to Voice (10hrs)

  • Bab's Casting Intro to On Camera (2 hrs) 


 St. Olaf College Bachelor of Arts


About Kim Hermes

Hello!  I was born and bred in Minnesota but I'm 1st generation Vietnamese.  I started Modeling/Acting on a whim in July 2017 and it has been a great passion ever since!  I am with agencies in Minnesota and Iowa.  People choose me because of my genuine nature, big smile, versatility, sense of humor and strong work ethic.  I love building positive relationships and this often leads to other projects with the same production company, photographer, or client.  Outside of Acting/Modeling, I am a part-time Registered Nurse on a postpartum (Mom/Baby) unit at a hospital. I also have a wonderful 6 yr old son. I love to travel, go to music concerts, attend fitness classes at my yoga studio, and write!  Random fact:: I worked as a Spongebob Mascot for an entire week during the Superbowl festivities held here. 


Measurements: 5'4 32-25-33.  Size 0, XS Shoe 6

Minneapolis, MN, USA

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